PGA of India formed under the aegis of the Indian Golf Union

Class A: Professionals
Professionals whose proficiency in the game of Golf entitles them to participate in Open or Professional Tournaments and certified Teaching Professionals from a body recognized by the PGA of India. Those who are advisors or consultants of Manufactures of Golf Clubs or Golf Equipment of any kind are also eligible under this category.
Class B: Associate Members
Professionals who do not fall under Class A, Amateur Golfers, Associations, Societies, Bodies Corporate etc. who are in sympathy with the aims and objects of the Association and who are in the opinion of the Board acceptable as Associate Members as defined in the undernoted Sub-Classes.
Sub-Class B-1: Ex-officio Members
All Members of Class A who have been Members of the Association for not less than 25 years and who, having attained the age of superannuation, have ceased to be employed as Professionals or Assistant Professionals or have retired from active participation in Open or Professional Golf Tournaments.
Class C: Honorary Members
All persons, whether Professionals or Amateurs, who have been invited by the Board to become Honorary Members for a specified period or for life, as the case may be, and have accepted such invitation.
Sub Class C-1: Honorary Life Members
Sub Class C-2: Honorary Members

Except as herein provided, all applications for membership shall be in writing on the official Application Form prescribed by the Board and shall be submitted to the Hony. Secretary of the Association duly completed in all respects.

All candidates for membership shall be proposed by a Class 'A' Member and seconded by a member of any Class. Both the proposer and the seconder must know the candidate personally and preferably be resident in the same zone.

Provided however that during the Association’s first year of existence (i.e. during the first 365 days following the date of Registration) Applications for Membership may at the discretion of the Board be accepted without the application being formally proposed and seconded so long as the Application, is complete in all respects.  Provided also that any person, association, society, body, corporate, etc., who is invited by the Board to join the Association shall not be required to submit a formal application for membership but shall furnish to the Association a declaration in the appropriate form accepting the Rules and Regulations of the Association in force from time to time and agreeing to be bound by them.

All applications for membership shall be placed before the Board and the candidate may be required to appear before the Board. If accepted, the candidate will be enrolled as a member of the Association in the appropriate Class on payment of the prescribed Admission Fee and Membership Subscription or Initial and Annual Donation. If the application of any candidate for membership is rejected by the Board for any reason, the candidate shall not be eligible to re-apply for membership for a period of one year following the date of such rejection.

The Board may in its sole discretion reject any application for membership.
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