PGA of India formed under the aegis of the Indian Golf Union

Having been formed under the aegis of the India Golf Union which the Association recognizes as the National Body for Golf in India, the aims and objects for which the Association is established as enumerated hereunder are to promote and protect the cause and best interests of Professional Golf in India and the Association shall at no time be or become a Trade Union of any kind, nor shall it ever register itself as a Trade Union or in any way associate with or become affiliated to any Trade Union of any kind whatsoever. It is declared that the several sub-clauses of this Clause and all the powers mentioned in it are to be cumulative and in no case is the generality of any other sub clause to be narrowed or restricted by any particularity of any sub-clause.
(1) To promote interest in the game of Golf in general and professional golf in particular.
(2) To foster and maintain a high standard of professional golf in India.
(3) To promote and arrange for the conduct of professional Golf Tournaments in India, to offer and pay Prize Money and Prizes to Winners, Runners Up and others whose performance in such Events merits reward, to advertise such Events and to raise funds therefor from donors, sponsors, advertisers, television rights and all or any other legitimate means.
(4) To promote and arrange Golf Matches and Competitions in India and elsewhere and to bear all necessary expenditure in connection therewith.
(5) To select teams of Professional Golfers to represent India in International matches and to bear the cost of their travel, board and lodging and expenses incidental to their participation.
(6) To prescribe and interpret rules relating to the conduct of professional Golf and pro-tournaments.
(7) To assist in maintaining a uniform system of handicapping for professional golfers in accordance with the Rules prescribed by the Indian Golf Union for standardized handicapping.
(8) To assist in the layout and upkeep of golf courses.
(9) To maintain liaison with similar bodies in foreign countries in the interests of golf in general and professional golf in particular.
(10) To promote the art of making Golf Clubs and golf equipment of all kinds and to encourage manufacture of such things in India.
(11) To liaise with manufacturers of Golf Clubs and equipment in India and elsewhere to improve their design and equality and to associate with them in research and development relating to such products.
(12) To frame Codes of Conduct and Ethics for professional golfers and to enforce them.
(13) To promote, encourage and assist in organizing the merchandizing and sale of Golf Clubs and golf equipment through its members or otherwise.
(14) To sponsor or arrange sponsorship of promising young players with regard to their participation in golf tournaments in India or elsewhere.
(15) To establish and run, or assist in running of, schools, colleges and like institutions for the training of professional golfers.
(16) To publish, or arrange to be published magazines, periodicals, etc. containing articles and information of interest to Golfers and also to publish books, booklets, brochures, souvenirs and the like.
(17) To institute and operate Welfare Funds, Benevolent Funds and the like for the relief of deserving professional golfers and their wives and dependent children, to grant or arrange Scholarships and to provide assistance of whatsoever kind to such persons.
(18) To assist members to obtain employment.
(19) To receive grants-in-aids, donations, and the like, whether in cash or in kind, from Government, Associations, Bodies Corporate, Societies or persons and to raise money through all or any legitimate means and to utilize all or any such funds for the purpose of promoting the aims and objects of the Association.
(20) To protect and advance the cause and interests of professional golf and professional golfers in India and to carry on all kinds of lawful activities which are necessary or expedient for the attainment of the foregoing objectives.
(21) To make donations to and to otherwise support Sports Funds and Endowments, Sports Associations, Federations, Clubs and other such bodies whether concerning Golf or any other sport.
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